Happy Sunday Everyone!


Hello all, it feels like ages since I have had anything really substantial to post. Even now I feel like I don’t have much, but I wanted to show off my latest wearable creation. Behold, the truffle dress!

What? haven’t you already made this once before. you ask? Why, yes, yes I have. But here is the problem with the last version I made. As beautiful as it is, it is not something that I can wear all the time. The fabric just screams Christmas, and I wanted a version that I could wear every day if I felt like it.

I made this version out of a canvas like fabric that was originally intended for the minoru sew along through Sewaholic patterns. However, I chickened out at the last minute. I was going to make shorts, then a skirt with this material, but on a whim settled on this dress yesterday. I have lots of this fabric left over, so I’m sure that you will be seeing it again in future projects.

I still have to put a hook and eye closure in the back, but other than that, it is completely done. I ditched the front ruffle because this material didn’t have enough drape, and instead of lining the bodice, I used bias tape to finish the neck and arm holes. I used seam binding ribbon for the hemline, which gives it a nice clean look.

It is without a doubt my sturdiest, most professional garment to date, and it’s all due to this baby right here:

That’s right, I bit the bullet and bought myself a serger, from Costco no less. They really do sell everything! It is a very cool, albeit intimidating machine. This dress was the first garment I’ve used with it, so there are naturally some mistakes on the inside, but nothing major. In truth, this machine is pretty wicked, and is going to make seam finishing SO MUCH EASIER!

This weekend is a long one for us in Canada, made longer for me because I got an extra day off on Friday! I spent the day with my brother’s girlfriend and her son, lets call him Little C.

He is quite the handsome lad, but not only that, he’s freaking hilarious! His mom heard him singing some music from the lion king, and walked into the living room to see this:

One might say, ‘Poor Charlie!’, but apparently he loved it.

There are so many things to love about this kid, and I am really glad he and his mom are becoming apart of my life. I’m sure my little bro is too. They make a very cute family :)

So, beyond my new dress and the cuteness that is little C, nothing much is happening. It seems like Shane and I will get into a groove with P90X at the start of the week, and then totally crash by Wednesday. Three days a week is insufficient! I’m really struggling with this lately, and I’m not sure why. Sure, I have some stress in my life right now, but it’s nothing major, or anything I haven’t dealt with before. I really like this new P90X program to, so I’m a bit baffled at my lack of commitment right now. That elusive motivation will hopefully be coming back soon, that’s all I can think right now.

What are your sure fire slump busting tips?

4 thoughts on “Happy Sunday Everyone!

  1. Hi LaraG!!!! How can you go wrong with polka dots and truffles?! It looks great! So Slimming!!! I have also owned a serger since November and I find it to be very intimidating!!! Just staring at me all the time! Such a touchy device! Still I have't really worked with it.. Ugh- I think I might take a classs on it!!!!!


  2. That's a good idea, I should probably take a class too. It's just so expensive in Edmonton, and they always seem to run when I'm working. I'll likely take one in the summer.


  3. What a lovely fabric, lucky you have so much left over. I've been thinking about getting a serger too, but they look kind of intimidating. Are they easy to use?Especially for someone who has never gone near one before?

    Oh, and how cute is Little C! Now I want to hold Miso up and sing the Lion King. hehe


  4. Thanks Carmen! The serger was easier than I thought it would be to use, and threading it was not too bad at all. It came with a how to dvd that showed me the ropes. There are some pretty cool threading features on other machines, but you really pay an arm and a leg for them. I thought this one was fairly reasonably priced.


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