My fabric addiction knows no bounds. That said, I am glad that I buy fabric with specific projects in mind instead of just because. Now, it’s just a matter of finishing those projects…

Here is what I just got for my latest endeavours:

Grape wool gabardine


Red wool gabardine

These were $9.99 per yard + 40% off! How could I refuse? This is what I will be making with them:

From craftsy.com

I have no idea when I will be making these jackets, but I do know that I will be taking my sweet time with them, as it is my first foray into the world of tailoring. Who knows, maybe I’ll make it a suit, but instead of the accompanying skirt pattern, I’ll make some pants, a la Sallieoh.

My ambition knows no bounds. Now, my skill and motivation levels just have to catch up.

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