One week down, one to go.


Of spring break, that is. I must say, this has been one of the nicest spring breaks I have had in a long time. I have spent my time doing 3 things : Running, sewing, and visiting with friends. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve been this relaxed for a long time!

The running is going fabulously well. I started the ‘Ease into 10K’ program last week, and so far I am sticking with it. Actually, I’m quite impressed with my running, considering I haven’t run for months and months. The worst thing about getting back to it after a long hiatus is the calf pain. This is even more painful when you are a minimalist runner! I swear, I was walking like the tin man for a week, people at work were a bit worried. Once you get over that small hump, it’s easier to get going. I am feeling great so far, and I am listening to my body, as I do NOT want another stress fracture this year!

As for the whole P90X2 thing, Shane and I have decided to put it on hold for a few months. We just haven’t been consistently doing it, and as much as I love the workouts, I can’t stomach the idea of starting at the beginning again. I think I’m going to get back into rowing and Rip:60 for the time being as cross training. Or, maybe I can start hitting the pool again!

In addition to the whole ‘taking care of my health thing’, I have been sewing like crazy this week. Unfortunately, I only have one dress to show for all my work because there were a few mishaps. I guess I’ll start with the jacket. You see, I forgot to check the test square until all 52 pages of the suit jacket pattern had printed out. I decided to go with it anyway, cutting the 6. The good news is that it fit. The bad news is that it didn’t fit well, especially in the arms. They looked like salami’s! So, in the end, I figured out the problem with the printer and will be attempting the jacket next week.

While I was waiting for answers on the jacket, I got started on another project, the pleat front dress from Salme Patterns.

This is what it is supposed to look like, and this is my final product:

I am so pleased with the final outcome! I used a cotton stretch sateen I bought on sale from Fabric Mart online, and it was a really great fabric to work with. maybe it was great to work with because of my new machine?

This pattern was labeled beginner/intermediate and I think that I would put it in the latter category, simply because the instructions were not great at all. I was able to figure everything out except the facing, and because of that, I wrecked the bodice. I had to start from scratch (thank goodness for paranoia and purchasing a bit of extra fabric!), but I changed the back bodice from one piece to two and redrafted the back facing. Not too shabby for improvising!

Below is the new back, with a button and a rouleau closure at the top.

This was also the first time I had ever hand picked a facing, and I think I prefer this to machine understitching. It seems to stay down much better.

Beautiful pick stitching, if I do say do myself!

As much as I love this dress, there is one thing I will do differently next time. I am going to make this dress in a solid colour as opposed to a print. I think the beautiful pleats sort of get lost in the print, as you can see below, so I think I’ll go with a plainer fabric to let that detail really shine through.

Ok, before I go to sleep, I just want to give a huge shout out to my brother Bill, as it’s his birthday today!

Happy birthday, Bazillium! I hope you like your gift!

Yes, this is what I got him for his birthday. It’s how I roll.

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