Another day, another dress.


 I made another pleat front dress. This pattern is seriously sweet, I’m glad I tackled it again.

Despite the pissy expression on my face, I am extremely happy with the outcome. This is the best garment I have made to date in regards to finishing. No, the pissy look is likely due to Shane moaning about taking more pictures. I mean, come on, I haven’t sewed like this for a month! It’s time to get back to it, right?

Maybe I’m trying to capture my inner Joan Holloway in these pictures, but failing miserably. I guess that would make sense, seeing as I watched half of season one whipping up this dress.

Although this dress isn’t exactly a spring colour, I think it will be part of my wardrobe this season, as it is made with cotton jacquard and is unlined, and therefore, lightweight.

So other than this dress, nothing much is new. I’m taking a few days off of running because one of my toes is bruised and hurts a bit when I walk. I have no idea how it happened, so I’m going to play it safe.

Oh, wait, I do have big news! I’m going to be a bridesmaid (matron?) for my brother and his fiancee! It’s a bit of a bummer that I won’t be able to make my own dress, however, the ones that Jessica chose are really pretty, so I’ll at least be able to look good ;)


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