It’s hard to admit when you need help sometimes…


But last week that is exactly what I had done. I have been trying for months to motivate myself into working out  and engaging in a healthy lifestyle in every way I knew, but it just hasn’t been working. I realized that I needed help, or I was just going to turn into the fat, sad person I was many years ago. As educated in the area of health and fitness as I am (admittedly, mainly through reading and other self explorations), I just can’t do it myself any more. After searching on-line and interviewing a few trainers,  I decided to enlisted the help of a trainer from a place called PHAT Training here in Edmonton. As expensive as it is (it really is), it’s the right decision for me at this moment. When you stop and think about it, we invest more money into our cars than we do our health. It’s quite shameful when you think about it. It is time to reinvest that money into myself, even if it means taking the train to work instead of driving for a little while. I can do that for me.

My trainer is called Jamie, and I think that she will be an excellent fit for me. She is highly educated with a degree in rehabilitative exercise and a masters degree in nutrition. Besides the education part, she seems kind, keen to help, and very positive. This is what I need. I think above all, she seem like a human being, not the kind of trainer who thinks they are Gods gift to fitness. Already she is challenging me to engage in healthier behaviours, the first being to get rid of my scale. Imagine that, I have weighed myself every day for almost 10 years, several times a day. It certainly hasn’t helped me get any healthier, so tonight, I put my scale in the basement. I hope that I am able to throw it out soon, but I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.

This is just the start of a new phase for me. I’m not ready to talk about the assessment I had today. Some… Well, all of the numbers I got today were shocking except for one, my body fat. I’ve always known that it was high, and being told that I am 33% body fat was not a surprise. Every other measurement, however, was much higher than I had anticipated. It really made me wonder how off I was in my own measuring, considering that I sew my own clothes based on my numbers, and I usually have to take things in, not let them out. I am at a loss as to how that has happened, but I’m not going to dwell. It’s time to make it better.

When people have heard how much it costs, they are incredulous, and wonder why I would be doing it, considering how much I know about health. Well, maybe I don’t know as much as I thought I did. I also don’t really care what other people think about it at this point, Shane is supporting me, and my health and wellness is important to me.

So, with that, I raise my glass of wine (probably the last for a while), and say ‘Here’s to my health’! Updates will follow, as will more sewing projects :)

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