My goals for this week


Well, I made it through my run today. I signed up for another virtual race, this time it took place in Berlin. Hmm, maybe I should back up a bit and explain…

I recently bought at Nordic track treadmill that has the iFit program on it. This means that I can create workouts based on trails I have run before through Google maps (inclines and declines are mimicked on the machine, and I don’t have to do anything but run!), and I can also do virtual races anywhere in the world. Last week was Madrid, today Berlin.

Anyhow, my races this week and last were chosen specifically because they were short and relatively flat. They are the runs where I push myself as fast and far as I possibly can, just to see how fast I can go.

 This week was much better than last, that’s for sure. I finished my first mile in 9:11, which is about 20 seconds faster than my first mile last week. In the end, I finished the 2.31 miles in 22:30, which makes my average pace around 9:44. I was pretty happy about that as my average mile last week was 9:57. Success!

So now, onto my goals this week:

Week 6 of the couch to 5 k program, 3 more runs total.

Week 1 of the Rip:60 suspension training program. I actually started it a few weeks ago, but got a bit sidelined due to a shoulder injury. This is going to be done either 4 or 5 times this week.

Runs to be done MWF in the morning. That means getting up at around 5am. Yikes!

Finally, I need to start cooking again! At least 4 clean meals this week. Shane and I have been doing way too much of the ‘every man for himself’ thing as far as dinner goes, and it’s leading to less healthy food choices.

Those are my plans for this week. I hope everyone else is meeting their goals this week!


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