Breakfast of champions… I mean, dinner.


I like to think of myself as a fairly intelligent person, especially when it comes to food and a healthy diet. I know that fat is your friend. Well, my friend anyway. Lately I’ve started to eat much more fat in the forms of butter, cheese, egg yolks, coconut oil and nuts. In fact, sometimes almost 50% of my calories come from fat. The result? No gained weight, and really nice hair and skin.

Not these fats though. Bad, bad fats!

I also know that I should be eating more protein from complete sources, and that carbohydrates are much better for you when they come in the form of vegetables and fruits than grains and refined sugars. Additionally, I know that sugar is sugar, no matter what the form (although, eating it as fruit is A-OK. I’ve never seen anyone get fat eating fruit).

Like I said, I’m smart, I know these things… SO WHY THE F$&@ DO I IGNORE EVERYTHING I KNOW????? The last few days I have been eating nothing but crap! Pizza, beer, chocolate, licorice, diet coke, mac and cheese, French bread and Brie (actually, the Brie isn’t bad)… And the result? I feel tired, bitchy and weak. Why do I sabotage myself? Why do we sabotage ourselves? I know that this is not going to cause me to balloon or anything like that, and I know that some people might look at that food list and think that it’s no big deal. Well, for me, it is. I have been making a substantial effort to eat clean and exercise regularly, and this kind of behavior totally throws me for a loop. This kind of laps has derailed my efforts in the past, but I refuse to allow it to happen this time.

We all screw up, especially when we are trying to change our lifestyles for the better. I want to accept that I will mess up from time to time, and I have to get back on the wagon as fast as possible. That is what this blog is helping me do, keep my healthy endeavors public and honest. The thing is, I really don’t want this to turn into the type of blog where I scrutinize every bite down to the very last calorie, and every second of exercise I engage in. I don’t think that kind of behavior is healthy for me, or most people for that matter.

So here is what I’m going to do. I’m going to wake up early tomorrow morning and run, and then after work do my suspension workout. I will start my day with a healthy green monster, and will continue with the healthy food throughout the day. And hopefully after this, I can move on from the mistakes of the past few days and keep getting healthy. Hopefully…


5 thoughts on “Breakfast of champions… I mean, dinner.

  1. Hey, when did you start blogging? I tried to start a blog about my research, but then I started to be worried that someone would steal my ideazzzz…. ANYway, good work! I hope you have fun doing it! 🙂


  2. Well, I always wanted to do a fitness and food blog, so Saturday I took the plunge. Hopefully after today's craptastic eating I'll be back on the straight and narrow. I tried to run this evening, but I kept getting cramps from the crap food… An hour after I ate. Boo urns!


  3. I read that the 'healthiest' diet in the world was the Mediterranean diet from around the 1950s. In that diet they got nearly 40% of their daily caloric intake from olive oil! Very interesting! While I would consider that high for anyone seriously interested in weight loss, as a management ratio, granted that the fats are unsaturated and come from 'healthy' sources, it is probably reasonable to be eating 40-50% in fat. I'd try and keep protein to at least 25% in that case though, as the carbs can be the killer.


  4. Actually Chris, studies are starting to show that saturated fats aren't really bad for you, unless they come from grain and corn fed animals. Coconut oil is almost entirely made up of saturated fats, as is butter. Apparently they are integral for maintaining cellular structure, while at the same time keeping the cells supple. You are right about carbs though. For the most part, they are pretty bad.


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