Green Monsters


No, not this kind, the kind you drink! Not the one in the can either, this one is home made.

I LOVE green monsters, I have one almost every morning. They are delicious, healthy, versatile and quick. All things that are extremely important first thing in the morning and right after a workout. Here is a basic recipe:

1-2 handfuls of baby spinach
1 banana
1 tbsp almond butter
1 c skim milk (or other milk as desired)

Place all ingredients in blender and let ‘er rip! Serves 1.

I know that to many people this drink looks a bit, well, gross. But as with many things, looks are deceiving. It tastes really good, so good in fact that my mom will even drink them from time to time. And she is fussy as hell with her food. (Hehe, love you mom!)

This has become my new favorite breakfast.

Other ingredients that you can add are:

– Kale
– Berries
– Peaches
– Flax
– Chia
– Cocoa
– Oatmeal
– Yogurt
– Protein powder
– Anything else you can think of!

You are really only limited by your imagination. Although, just a word of caution, don’t add cantaloupe. I found it very unappetizing. Blech….!

I made mine this morning after my workout with blueberries, flax and Greek yogurt added to the mix. It held me until lunch.

In other (small) news, my run went very well this morning, I did 5K in 34 minutes, and this is only day 1 week 6 of the C25K program. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume that I’ll be able to finish my 5K on May 29th in 30 minutes or less based on my progress, as long as I keep going like this. Fingers crossed! I also realized that I have already done 10 miles this week, and it’s only Tuesday. That’s 16K! Now, I just have to get back into the suspension workout. The motivation just isn’t there (there is that dreaded word again!)

Maybe tonight will be the night, or maybe it’ll be tomorrow morning. Also, I think I’m going to just do it 3 times a week instead of 4-5. I’d rather use that extra time to run anyway.

Have a great night everyone!


4 thoughts on “Green Monsters

  1. You should make your goal run time! Nice work.
    And Green Monsters ROCK! My fave is 1 scoop protein powder, 2 handfuls of spinach, 1/2 banana (frozen if you like them thicker) 1/4 frozen pineapple chunks and 1c unsweetened coconut milk. I toss in some hemp seeds every now and then too.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. That sounds really tasty! Do you have an all natural protein powder you really like? I'm really trying to cut out all artificial colours, sweeteners and other pseudo foods from my diet. The greek yogurt is a great source of protein, but is a little pricey for the number of servings you get.



  3. Still experimenting with powders. I have quite a few that aren't all natural. Vega is good stuff, but pretty pricey (hence why I am still using other products) I have friends who use hemp protein powders ($$$). I think Jay Robb is supposed to be great but also pricey. I am picking up individual packs soon. I'll let you know what I think. 🙂
    I don't remember, are you vegetarian or vegan? Eggwhites mixed in are a great way to add some protein without the powders.
    I love Greek Yogurt. I think it depends on the brand for price? I like Oikos the best personally. I found if I got the bigger container the price worked out better per serving.
    Oh and I add Greens Plus Berry flavor into my shakes/smoothies sometimes too. Extra veggie boost. 🙂


  4. Actually, I'm neither. I love meat, I just tend to eat it in the evenings.

    I bought some vega stuff yesterday (I almost keeled over from sticker shock!) So we'll see how that goes I guess.


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