Time to sit, finally!


This week has been nuts! I am getting very close to the final concert with my junior high bands, so I am working in overdrive until the 27th. Trying to sneak in extra rehearsals has worked out so far, and all I can say about that is thank goodness I teach math! I can ‘borrow’ my math classes for band, and replace them in June when band is essentially over for the year. Teaching music is fun, but can be exhausting. Apparently, music teachers tend to have an excellent cardiovascular system because conducting acts as an aerobic workout of sorts. That’s what I was told anyway, maybe that’s just a way some music teachers justify not exercising 🙂 I will admit that my shoulders can get sore from time to time.

As good as this week has been, it has had it’s disappointments as well. I mentioned earlier that my 5K was a no go. I’m a little bummed about it, it was something I was dedicated to doing. In the past I had always talked about doing races, but was too chicken to sign up for anything. This time was different, I actually signed up, paid and everything. It was a commitment I had never made to fitness before, and that alone was an exciting step for me. It’s one thing to work out all the time, but since deciding to actually do this, I realized that without a goal, working out doesn’t mean that much. From now on, I will set fitness goals.

The doctor thinks it might be the minimalist shoes I wear. While I don’t think he’s necessarily wrong, he’s not necessarily right either. Although I have an ankle injury right now, they have all but cured my knee pain while running and I am not ready to quit on them just yet. I think the culprit is more likely due to me upping my mileage and intensity too fast, which is a typical rookie mistake when it comes to minimalist shoes. I’m glad the doctor didn’t say that I should give them up, but I did get the feeling that it’s what he was thinking. Instead, he gave me a prescription for physio, and my first appointment is Thursday.

My running shoes. I also run in the Merrell Pace Glove.

 The thing is with many doctors (in my opinion) is that they are actually very ignorant when it comes to exercise unless they have actually specialized in that. I know that last statement sounds horrible, but I am really getting fed up with the ‘pill for every ill’ attitude that many doctors have. Medication is great in certain circumstances, but not all of them. There is no pill for weight loss or healthfulness, because if there was, would Westernized society still have an obesity epidemic? It is amazing how many ailments can be cured with diet and exercise, but that’s not the easy road, is it? I guess doctors are just giving the people what they want, it’s just not what I want.

The doctor suggested I get some orthotics, and I pretty much stopped listening after that. I have 3 pairs, and at $500 a pop, they literally did nothing for my knees but cause more pain. Thank God they were covered by benefits, or I would have been really upset at wasting all that money!

So what are my new fitness goals?

1. 100 consecutive push ups through the 100 Push Up Challenge in 6 weeks time. I’ve already started this, and will be on week 2 come Monday.

2. Compete in at least 1 race this summer. Ideally I’d like to do a 5K and a 10K, but I’ll have to wait and see. I’m thinking the 10K that goes with the marathon held annually in August.

How am I going to achieve these goals?

1. Minimum 4 weeks rest from running.

2. Maintain cardiovascular fitness with rowing, cycling and swimming.

3. Physiotherapy

4. Strength training minimum 3 times per week.

I can do this. I have attainable goals and a plan to match, and I will be racing this summer. I know it.


3 thoughts on “Time to sit, finally!

  1. Lara, thanks for stopping by my blog. Had to chime in that I used to be a band director myself. Wish I was still getting the cardio from the podium!

    Hope your 100 push-ups goes well. I might take that on myself one of these days.


  2. Hey, I am a new follower! I've always mentioned signing up for a race but years past and I kinda fell off the band wagon running. Eventually I signed up. Once the commitment has been made it keeps you going. Then when it's time for race day… your HOOKED! LOL


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