Today’s menu include Tabata and Frittata.


OMG, is anyone watching Family Guy? I don’t usually watch it because I find it annoying, and tonight is no exception. However, there is the strangest video playing right now as part of the show. David Bowie and Mick Jagger singing ‘Dancing in the Street’. Wow… Worst. Video. Ever.

I digress. Tonight was all about firsts. First Tabata workout and first frittata ever. Tonights workout consisted of rowing, burpees, push ups, pull ups and alternating chest presses. Overall, it was a great workout, especially considering it was our first time doing a Tabata workout. Shane even said he was shaky at the end. I love it when I come up with a workout that kicks my husbands ass! 
For anyone that doesn’t know what a Tabata workout is, it consists of the following: 8 intervals of 20 seconds as hard as you can go, 10 seconds of rest. One full set of Tabata is only 4 minutes long, but it is a tough 4 minutes. Now, imagine doing that 5 times. Tabata is HARD, but I like how it is short, sweet, and to the point. I can see myself doing this several times a week until I can start running again. Gotta keep that fitness level up!
After a good workout, you need to get good quality protein and carbohydrates in you. After downing a glass of milk, I proceeded to get dinner started, a frittata. I have wanted to make one for a while, but Shane has a problem with eggs, so after much negotiation, we decided that an egg white frittata shouldn’t be too hard on his stomach. 
Did you know that egg whites are the most absorb able protein and the gold standard for all protein metabolization?  Eat your eggs people, there’s goodness in that small package!
Garden Veggie Egg White Frittata

1 Yam or sweet potato, Peeled and chopped into rounds
2 Sweet Onions, Chopped
2 Roma Tomatoes, cut into rounds
2 Portabello Mushrooms, chopped
1 C Packed Baby Spinach
2 TBSP Butter
14 Egg Whites
150G Sharp White Cheddar, grated
1 TSP Basil and Oregano
Salt and Pepper to taste

Preheat oven by setting it on broil. Melt 1 TBSP of butter in a medium sized pan. Add onions and sautee over medium low heat until onions are clear (minimum), or onions are caramelized. Meanwhile, melt 1 TBSP of butter in an oven proof skillet and add sweet potato. Cook at medium heat, until cooked, flipping the rounds occasionally. Make sure potato does not burn.

Once potato’s are almost cooked, layer spinach on top and cover for a few minutes to allow the leaves to wilt. Add chopped mushrooms to the onion and sautee for another few minutes. Remove lid and add onion and mushroom mixture, spreading evenly over the spinach and potato. Add tomato rounds. 

Whisk 3/4 of the grated cheese into the egg whites, and add spices. Pour egg mixture over the vegetables, cover, and cook over medium low heat for 7-10 minutes. After this (eggs should still be undercooked), top semi  cooked eggs with the remaining cheese and place in the oven for 7-10 minutes, or until fully cooked (eggs will not jiggle in the pan if cooked). Remove and serve hot. Makes 8 servings.

Tell me that doesn’t look awesome!

This was a great meal to end a great day. Really, what is better than gourmet food and wine with the man you love after you’ve done a hard workout? Today was a great day, and the best part is that we have lots of leftovers. Can anyone say breakfast?

2 thoughts on “Today’s menu include Tabata and Frittata.

  1. That fritata looks delicious! My boyfriend loves watching Family Guy and it has its moments where I crack up but I also cringe at certain moments too!

    I've never heard of tabata but it sounds very challenging! Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great week!


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