Gardening, a recipe, and the race that wasn’t.


“Shane, I have something to tell you, don’t be mad, ok?”

“What?” Shane says wearily with a sigh.

“Well, I sort of stopped off at the Nike outlet…”

“Yeah… And?”

Gulp. “And I bought 2 pairs of shoes. It was buy one get one 50% off! I was powerless to resist!”

Shane sighs and leaves the room, shaking his head.

Ok, it wasn’t actually that dramatic, but I did indeed buy some shoes. My PT is insistent that I start wearing a somewhat normal shoe at least every second run, so I got 2 pairs of Nike Free +. One pair in blue and one in the colour below.

Minimalist they are NOT. They feel quite different from my VFF’s and Pace Gloves, not quite as comfortable as the heel is so big. I’m willing to try anything if it means getting back to my running routine.

As today was supposed to be the day of my first 5K, I decided that I wanted to do an easy mile and a half just to get myself in the racing mindset the night before. Far enough to mentally prep, not far enough to tire me out or wreck my chances at racing. So I thought.

I started running easily in my new shoes. They made my form a little sloppy, but it wasn’t terrible as long as I concentrated. About 3/4 mile into my run, I started to get a sharp pain in my right foot. I should have stopped there, but I wanted to do at least a mile. When I reached my goal, I stopped, took my shoes off, and walk the rest of the way home. I thought it was just a foot cramp, a lingering effect of the arch exercises I did with my PT. When I woke up this morning, I couldn’t put any weight on my right foot. The pain was excruciating!

I got Shane to drive me to the doctor and got some X-Rays, but I won’t likely know what is wrong until Tuesday (Yay Canadian health care! … Sigh…). I’m thinking it’s a stress fracture, but like I said, I won’t know anything right away.

Let’s recap: Bum left ankle? Check. Bum right foot? Check.

Why can’t I do anything injury free?!?!?!?!?! The good news is that my ankle is feeling pretty good lately, and it seems to be handling the hobbling it has to do because of the right foot.

I don’t know if the shoes caused it to happen, but I swear I will be using my VFF’s more than these for the next little while. If I can run, that is. I don’t honestly understand why I am injuring myself so much. I eat a good diet with lots of veggies, fruits, lean proteins and good fats. I know my limits when it comes to exercise, and I have great form (I should have great form, I did almost become a personal trainer!). I guess my next exercise choice will be swimming. Good thing there is a pool a block away!

This weekend wasn’t all bad. We finally tackled the garden, hardcore! Mom came over to offer some expertise, as well as a roto tiller. Here is what the garden looked like before:

Talk about an eyesore! We got to work clearing the garden, here is a summary in picture form:

Mom leading the troops.
Clifford (or Clerd as we sometimes call him) observing the work.

The dead tree stump. It’s going down!

Shane sawing away.

Victory! (Sorry ladies, he’s spoken for 🙂

Time to fill the hole.

Nice form huh? I’m surprised I didn’t throw out my back!

Farmer Shane with the roto tiller.

Working the tiller.

Final product!

More final product.

I just really like this picture!

Looking at those pictures is making me tired! It was a lot of work, but the garden is now cleared and ready for planting, which is really exciting. Shane went out for seeds, so all we need to do is plant and reap what we sow!

I think I’ll save the recipe for later… This post is a long one! I guess that’s what happens when you forget to post the day of the events. Have a good night all!


4 thoughts on “Gardening, a recipe, and the race that wasn’t.

  1. That's what happened to me as well. First the left knee, then the right ankle. Right now, it appears both will be healed by the end of the week (*knock on wood*), so I am looking for something else to injure in the meantime…


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