I think I need a reboot.


Today in my boredom at home, I perused through my food diary and came to a realization. I’m pretty sure that I’ve been lying to myself, as well as to the rest of you. I have been eating too much, and not as cleanly as I originally thought. I think this project needs a reboot. I guess tomorrow will be a new ‘Day 1’, which is fitting as it is the first of the month.

I have also decided that when my foot is better, I am going to start the Insanity program with Shane. I really like working out with him, so it’ll be fun… or as fun as an ass kicking can be… This will mean a short break from running as my main exercise, and I’m ok with that. I think I also need to reboot my running goals and training.

Anyhow… I’m tired now, so I’ll be checking out here. Have a good night everyone!


3 thoughts on “I think I need a reboot.

  1. I'm currently doing the Insanity with my husband. It's funner doing it with someone. Especially a man cause trust me. He WILL also have a hard time completing the workout. Insanity is INSANE but I love it!!


  2. Food diaries are a good thing… my daily food list especially helps me find out when and where I tend to jump off the band wagon (usually in the evening, sitting on the sofa *g*). And it's easier to trace the little changes that lead to success. ^^

    What's this “insanity program”, by the way? Never heard of it…


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