Damn you, Foot!


The doctor called today (finally!!) with my X-Ray results, and they came back normal. Don’t get me wrong, I was not hoping for a stress fracture, I was hoping for an explanation. I don’t have either right now, but I have a PT appointment tomorrow afternoon so hopefully I’ll get some answers there.

Prompted by the news that my foot seems to be ok, I tested this theory on my treadmill. First at a slow jog (12 minute mile) for around 30 seconds, then the pain got too much. I switched from the Nikes to the Pace Gloves for another 30 ish seconds where I felt less pain, but pain none the less. Finally, I tried walking barefoot at a 17 minute mile for around a minute and a half before I gave up because of the pain. No, I would not say my foot is ok at the moment. I think my plans for ‘Insanity’ are going to be on ice for the foreseeable future.

Not all is lost though, my eating was exceptionally clean today, and I am very happy about it! I need to clarify what my goals are with this reboot, and I think I’ve narrowed it down to the following:

1. Eat clean foods 95% of the time (Clean being defined by me as unprocessed or minimally processed foods with no more than 5 ingredients on the package. I must be able to read and pronounce said ingredients, and the ingredients themselves must be clean).

2. Track my daily food intake HONESTLY 100% of the time through the bodymediafit.com website.

3. To maintain a calorie balance of 1500-1800 calories everyday (Lower than 1500 and I’ll be gnawing my arms off, higher than 1800 and I’ll continue to stay porky).

4. No alcohol for the entire month.

5. Start swimming regularly as my foot and ankle heal (Regularly defined as 3X per week minimum).

These goals are part of a challenge thrown down by Bonnie at Fat-Be-Gone called June Boom.

It’s actually pretty reasonable, there are 3 requirements:

1. Minimum 30 minutes of activity every day.

2. Start something that you have been putting off (For me, it is swimming and getting my passport done).

3. Staying publicly accountable (I will be using my blog for that).

Who’s up for the challenge? I think I can speak for Bonnie when I say the more the merrier. Join us, you know you want to!   🙂


One thought on “Damn you, Foot!

  1. Well I'm happy to hear that your foot is ok, but I'm sad that it's still bothering you. Great goals that you have set for yourself. I'm happy that your taking part in the challenge with me….please keep me posted, and keep up the great work!!!


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