Finally, some sunshine!


At 7:47 I looked out the window, and what did I see? Blue sky! It’s about bloody time! We’ve had rain for at least 4 days solid, so this was a really welcomed break, even if it was a short one. I had to run out and take some pictures.

I took MANY more pictures than this, can you tell I’m a little starved for sunshine right now? It’s only going to last a little while, the rain is supposed to be back in full force tomorrow and for the rest of the week. I know Alberta is a dry province, but come on! Enough with the rain!

As I was taking pictures, the kitties were looking out the screen door desperate to escape. I felt a little bad, but they were so darn cute, I had to get pictures of them staring longingly outside.

Ponti thinks he can scratch his way out apparently…

Ponti is now joined by Dewey. She can’t let him have all the fun!

I think they’re a bit ticked off now…

Dewey’s face – priceless!

Speaking of the kitties, they have been absolutely adorable the last few days, and I’ve been able to catch it on camera. Ponti decided that hanging from the curtains was a GREAT idea last night….

And Dewey was strutting her stuff in one of her cutest positions…

But, the most adorable, by far, was this little display I came across this morning .

Seriously? I have the cutest furry children on the planet, you can’t deny it after seeing the above photo!

They struck this pose as I was waiting to leave for my appointment. The scan went really well, and from what I saw, I think I totally have a stress fracture. I’m more excited about this than I should be, but what it means is that I probably don’t have a neuroma, the worse of the two ailments.

The way they look for fractures is by injecting the patient with radioactive dye and then scanning their entire body. The dye collects in bone that has been healed, or is currently in the process of healing. My knee lit up like a Christmas light, which isn’t surprising given that I’ve had two surgeries on it, and my separated left ankle lit up as well. And what did I see on my right foot? A very clear hot spot! The doctor said a neuroma wouldn’t likely show up in the scan, so I’m going to assume that it has to be a stress fracture. I have to see the doctor next week for an official diagnosis.

I guess the sucky thing about it is that running is really out of the question for the summer. No matter, I will be tearing it up on my treadmill this winter, and will be stronger than ever come next spring. I will race one of these days, mark my words!

I had a recipe to share with you , but I think I’m going to tweak it a bit. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either. It was a clean version of fish and chips from my ‘The Best of Clean Eating Magazine’ cookbook.

This is an absolutely awesome cookbook, everything I have made for Shane and I has been completely mouthwatering, except this recipe. Like I said, it wasn’t bad, but if they were trying to achieve something like regular fish and chips, it didn’t even come close. My husband is a Brit, he knows his fish and chips. I’ll try to perfect it in my own way, and if I come back with something worthy, I’ll post it. Promise.

I asked Shane to make a salad last night, and he cut up some avocado to go with it. It occurred to me last night that I’m not really a fan of avocado. I like guacamole, but other than that, I really don’t understand the health community’s obsession with avocado. I also can’t stand eggplant and gogi berries (although the latter is good if added to a smoothie).

What healthy food (s) do you dislike that everyone else seems to love?


3 thoughts on “Finally, some sunshine!

  1. Hi Lara! I did see Game of Thrones. I liked it a lot and I can't wait to see what they do with the show next year. I don't want to post any spoilers in case any of your readers watch it and haven't seen it yet.


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