School’s out!


Well, for the kids it is. I still have a half day tomorrow, but after that? Free wheeling for 5 weeks. Woo hoo! I still haven’t gotten that much more interesting since last week, but I did get a definitive diagnosis yesterday about my foot. Are you ready for it? It’s a…. Stress fracture. Shocker, right? 😉

That’s not all though. I also found out I have arthritis in both my knees and my left ankle. All at the ripe old age of 28. Admit it, you wish you were me! Believe it or not, it’s not all bad news. My running days are over for the summer, but after I have been asymptomatic for 6-8 weeks, I can get back to running. Not only that, but I can start cycling and lifting heavy again. For now I limited to swimming and yoga – Even walking is out until at least August.

See? It’s not all bad! I think I’ll be heading to the pool after work tomorrow. Bring on the summer!


2 thoughts on “School’s out!

  1. I'm going to make myself unpopular for saying this, but I think running is WAY overrated.

    I can't wait to be thin enough to get into a bathing suit again (ah yes, vanity) and I'll definitely do yoga once I can fit it into my schedule again.

    Have you ever tried Moksha or Bikram yoga? I swear, I was in the BEST SHAPE of my life when I did Bikram.


  2. I LOVE bikram yoga! I tried moksha and didn't like it as much. I'm going to start bikram again either tomorrow or Saturday.

    FTR, I think running is sort of overrated as well, especially for the people who believe it's the only form of exercise good for weight loss. The problem I have is that it's so addicting!


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