Vacation is exhausting sometimes!


I really have to start posting more often than once a week! In my defense, I have been quite busy. I have been doing a lot of this,

And this,

And this.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been doing much of this,

Or this.

Today I decided that I needed a rest day, as I have been doing yoga, swimming, or both for the last 5 days without rest. Both have been going really well, and I’m so happy that I got of my butt and signed up for both activities, even if they are kicking my ass a little bit. The last two swimming lessons were especially great, as I did a 500m endurance swim both times, something I haven’t done is around 4 or 5 years. The first time I did it in 12:40 minutes, the second time I beat my time by 15 seconds! We’re racing again on Monday, so I really hope I can beat my time again. Probably the best thing about swimming has been that I am spending time with my brother Bill. We aren’t even in the same group, but we’re having a blast egging each other on from different pools. I’m really glad he opted to do this with me!

The cooking front has been hopeless, I have no new recipes to share. Since I have been doing my best to follow the Zone, my food has become much simpler than before. I’m actually enjoying the simplicity, but I’m worried that I could be bored after awhile. Unfortunately, my attempts at Zone friendly cooking have been dismal at best. I tried a recipe from the book, a supposed gourmet offering of poached whitefish, and the result was… Well, after one bite, I turned to Shane and said ‘If I got this a at gourmet restaurant, I would demand my money back!’ Dismal.

I’ll hopefully have something new to share soon. The good news about this Zone eating is that I am feeling pretty good. I haven’t touched processed foods, I’m eating lots of lean protein and fruits, and I lost 1.5 inches on both my waist and my hips. No decrease in weight yet, but 3 inches is nothing to sneeze at! It could also be attributed to the exercise I’m doing… But I don’t care what it is, I feel great.

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had that much sleep, so I’m catching up on that today. No exercise (except a walk), lots of sleep and plenty of reading. I love summer vacation!

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far!


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