Small things.


It’s really amazing how small things can really turn your day around for the worse, and vice versa. I am happy to say that I experienced the latter today. Which is to say that my day didn’t start well. I slept in, half of my grade 4’s left their recorders at home, so rehearsal was almost non existent. My grade 7 math students still do not understand a new concept I’m teaching, so I had to take today’s block to explain it to them. It not only throws my schedule off, but I have to wonder what I’m doing wrong that I can’t explain multiplication of decimal numbers in a way they can understand. Grade 7 band class? Let’s not talk about that…

But then, some amazing news came. My mom, who has unfortunately been unemployed for the last 16 months, has found a job! I am so thrilled for her, it’s unreal. She was laid off from her previous position working for an Metis organization (the unspoken reason is that she is white. The official reason? They don’t have one), and she has unfortunately taken a few hits in the time she was off. Now she will be working for the government for (ironically) the department of Aboriginal affairs. For those that are unaware, a Metis person is one who is of Aboriginal and (usually) European decent.

This news just totally lifted my mood, so I hit the sewing machine. I finished the toile for the dress that I have envisioned. Here it is:

A toile is basically a trial run dress. So, here’s the good news. It looks like a dress. That’s promising, seeing as this has been an amalgamation of a few patterns/my own sort of inspired concept. I drafted a bodice pattern using others as templates. See pictures below.

Back bodice. Traced onto pattern paper based on the Burda style ‘Danielle’ dress.  Altered the back to make it lower and more dramatic.

Front bodice. Almost on my own making this one!

The front bodice was a bit tougher to draft. The only thing I could trace was where the pleats would go on the bodice. The rest was done with a hope and a prayer. This is the end result.

Bodice ironed down. 

 So, the bodice design works. Yay! That being said, there are some issues that I need to address with this toile. For starters, it’s a teeny bit too small. I realized too late that I forgot to add in seam allowances. If I had attached the zipper, it would have done up, but it would have been TIGHT. I’m pretty sure the encased sausage look is not in style right now.

The next issue is the bodice. Although very cute, I’m not sure if it’ll work for someone who is a chesty as I am (a 30F to be precise). I’m going to try sewing up the pleats completely so that I can keep the design without the puffiness. Same problem with the skirt.

Last, I can never seem to line up the seams properly! It drives me nuts, I must fix this before I even think of starting the real thing.

All that being said, I’m fairly pleased. This was an experiment, and so far I think it went well. Now I have another big decision. Which fabric do I use?

 I’ve narrowed it down to two. On the right is a really nice cotton in blue, and on the left is a really nice (and bloody expensive!) Liberty of London print on wool. What do you guys think? The liberty print is obviously more Christmas-y looking, but I think it has the potential to be worn elsewhere.

I ended the night with a quick run on the treadmill. I’m glad I did it because not only do I feel better, but I had my little workout buddy with me, and he let me take some pictures.

Feel the burn Ponti!

Just one more thing that turned my shitty day into a good one 🙂


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