This crazy week in review.


The concert is finished! Woo Hoo! I can’t even to begin to describe how good it feels to have that over with, but the best part about it? My kids totally kicked ass, and I am so proud of them. As stressful as concerts are, they are also one of the most rewarding aspects of being a music teacher. I am especially proud of my 7A’s this year, they played a super hard piece and nailed it. Not bad for playing just 4 months!

The dress, she is finished! Here is a picture of Shane and I last night with me in the dress:

Thanks for the great picture, Linda!

Shane and I are at his work Christmas party in this pic. Unfortunately, I didn’t stay that long, I was just too exhausted from the concert, and my work party earlier in the evening. For the short time I was there though, I got to catch up a bit with my good friends Linda and Gina, and Shane and I got a caricature done. We’re cool like that, you know?

A perfect likeness, no?

I am happy with the final outcome of my dress.. It is a bit hard to see the ruffle in the front because of the pattern, so trust me when I say that it gives the dress a little something special. It doesn’t really look like too much on a hanger, so there’s no point in putting up those pictures. Hopefully I’ll have some more pictures of me in it really soon.

I had to alter the pattern a little bit a lot in the back, taking out around 2.5 inches. In the end,I cut a 4 for the top and a 6 for the skirt. Next time, I could probably just go with a 4 in the skirt as well. I also lowered the neckline, as I felt the original one made me look a bit matronly (Thanks, big boobies!). The only area that had me really stumped was how to install the lining. In the end, I installed the lining like I would have done with an all in one facing because I just couldn’t understand how to do it, even with help from the pattern company. Next time I try this dress, I will (hopefully) understand how to do it the way it was originally intended, it’ll probably look a bit better that way.

Now the big question is, which project to I tackle next from the Colette Sewing handbook? The Pastille dress?

The Meringue skirt?

Or the Licorice dress?

There is also a blouse pattern, but I don’t think I’m ready for it yet. It’s probably the simplest one of them all, but I really want to make it out of silk, and my skillz aren’t up to sewing with silk yet.

I think I’m leaning towards the skirt for now… What do you all think?

Normal workout schedule will resume tomorrow, I’m still recovering from this last week!


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