A Christmas miracle.


Actually, two Christmas miracles. The first one took place on Christmas eve. I went for a run! A whole 17 minutes of running to be precise. I managed to do 5 minutes running at 6mph, 2 minutes walking at 4mph 3 times. The last set I cheaped out, managing only 2 minutes, but I’m pretty happy considering the lack of running I have done in the last 6 weeks.

The second miracle happened this morning. I was driving back to my house from boxing day shopping (I caved), and as I was turning the corner, my car went out of control and was sliding towards a parked car! I’m breaking as hard as I can and screaming ‘NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!’ when my car finally stopped. It was around half an inch away from the parked car. Half a freaking inch! I almost wept, I was so happy not to have hit the car. The owner came out to check her car and we had a bit of a laugh about it (obviously because there was no damage), and then I went home. I then proceeded to skid AGAIN right before my driveway, so I am now parked on the street. I was not going fast in both cases, maybe 20-30 km/h max. The hilarious thing about it is that there is virtually no snow in Edmonton right now. Where the hell is all this ice coming from?

Ice aside, this was a nice Christmas. Last Christmas was so terrible for my family and me, how could this Christmas not have been awesome? I love how with my family, gifts are never super extravagant, it really is a day where we spend time with each other and enjoy each others company. I even managed to get some pictures! Enjoy the picture fest below.

A great picture of Shane and I.

This is what happens when little brothers refuse to cooperate for pictures!

Bill and Zoe

Miracle of miracles, he actually let me do this!

Mom and Bill


Zoe apparently said something awesome to Duncan.

Needs no introduction.

Dewey staying put long enough for a picture!

 I also got to meet my brother Duncan’s new squeeze. She seems like a pretty cool lady, and I’m looking forward to getting to know her better.

So, in my boxing day shopping this morning, I really didn’t get too much. They actually had some excellent deals on lots of household items. Too bad I have all of them… I did manage to score a nice little bit of Purdy’s chocolate and this cute little Coach purse below:

I also figured I’d show you the coolest present I got. Normally I don’t take presents of my gifts (I think it’s a little cheesy), but this one is so cool it has to be showed off. Below is a story book my mom had made containing all the pictures from our trip to Paris is 2004. I hadn’t seen these in years, so it was a great surprise. Here are a few of the pages found in the book.

Pretty awesome, hey? A unique gift to say the least. I have to end this entry here unfortunately. My house is screaming to be tidied up, and then a bottle of wine will be beconing my name afterwards. A little ‘Downton Abbey’ and ‘This is England ’88’ to round out the day make for a pretty great boxing day 🙂

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a relaxing boxing day!


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