Taffy Blouse Sans Sleeves


Hello everybody, how’s it going? I bet you’re wondering how the no sugar thing is going. Or maybe you don’t give two shits about it, which is cool, I understand.  Well, I’m happy to report that I have made it to day 4. I’ve been having a few ‘chocolate pangs’ as I like to call them, but they’ve been more psychological than physical, and they haven’t lasted long.

I bet your also wondering how P90X2 is going. Well, I live to suck another day! Wednesday morning was brutal, I could hardly move I was so sore. Those moves were deceptively hard, and I felt that deception the following morning. Today was sort of a total body weight routine that went OK, but this was the first time in any P90X program where I found I couldn’t actually do some of the moves, which was a bit disappointing. I guess this is the whole point though, is to learn and get better at it. Oh, and does anyone else find that their jeans are tighter right after a workout? WTF is up with that???

Seeing as yesterday was a rest day, Shane and I decided to nerd it up. I decided to tackle the Taffy Blouse from the Colette Sewing Handbook. Here is what it’s supposed to look like:

Mine does not look like this. At all. Before I show you the pictures, I’ll describe a bit of what happened. This project scared me a little bit because, although only 3 pieces, it suggests the use of silky fabrics, like chiffon and satin. Fabrics like these are notoriously difficult to work with, and me being fairly new to the whole sewing game, was not confident in my abilities with these fabrics. Nonetheless, I bought some cheap polyester chiffon to practice with, and the results were pretty awful. I bought some spray starch to stiffen the fabric up a bit, and will attempt it again at some point. In the meantime, this pattern was becoming an albatross for me, and I just had to get something finished.

I decided to try a quilting cotton. I’m not sure why, it’s totally the wrong fabric for this project, but I went ahead anyway. I like the colour and pattern on the fabric, so that’s a bonus. At best, a wearable muslin, at worst, it’ll go in my pile-o-shame.

I had to cut everything on the bias, which I had never done, so I traced one side of the pattern, then flipped it over to trace the other side with my chaco pencil thingy.

Once the fabric has been ironed and spread out, Ponti decides that this is the place he must relax for the evening. Then the camera is out, so he has to get in on the action, naturally.

What a brat!

I cut everything out and pinned it to my new dress form (hehe). Well, everything except the sleeves. I didn’t have enough fabric for them (that’s what happens when you buy remnants), and I really wanted to make some bias tape with the leftovers. Besides that, this fabric probably wouldn’t have had the right drape for those sleeves anyway. And I like showing off my guns 😉

My new sewing toy 🙂

After all is said and done, here is what it looks like now.

So yeah… not really like the original. It looks more like the Colette Sorbetto top. I don’t hate the final product, but I don’t love it either. Well, I take one part of that back, I love the colours. I cut a 4, and I’m not sure if it fits right. Any more experienced sewists want to share their thoughts? That would be great!

I will make this again in the proper material and with sleeves, but I’m glad at least this version is done. This means I can move on to my next project, likely the Pastille dress from the Colette book.

It’s almost the weekend which means I am almost back to work *sob*. I’ve had a great break with Shane, I wish it was longer!


5 thoughts on “Taffy Blouse Sans Sleeves

  1. It is very sorbetto like, isn't it? I'm looking forward to seeing your version with the sleeves. I really like the skinny tie at the back too. I'm currently midway through applying the hem pleats from the pastille dress onto a peony – it's a bit of a challenge! But the end result looks great 🙂


  2. I'm having trouble with the top too. I used store bought bias tape and it made the neck look horrible. I'm hoping if I make bias tape it will turn out fine.
    I like how the sleeveless version turned out though!


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