This week in review, plus the Taffy blouse revisited.


Today was the last workout of the week for the P90X2 schedule. Again, I think it’s a little too early to give a complete review, but I’ve got to say that I am really liking it so far. Shane and I did yoga yesterday, and we both agreed that it was far better than the original (although, Shane hates yoga, so that’s not saying much), and today’s workout was by far the best in the series so far. The Balance and Power workout focused mainly on stability ball and balance moves. The cool thing was that I knew how to do almost all of them. When I was working with a trainer on a regular basis (and training to be one as well), These were EXACTLY the moves we focused on. I felt vindicated against all those people who would exalt the mighty barbell and other muscle head activities. The mainstream is finally catching up with science!

As you know, I made a Taffy blouse this week, but it did not exactly resemble the original. I really hated the idea of being bested by a pattern and fabric, so instead of moving on to the Pastille dress, I decided to give the blouse on more shot tonight. Here’s what it looks like so far:

Not bad hey? Looking a lot more the way it’s supposed to. I stuck with the polyester chiffon I was using in my first go at this, but this time, I starched the shit out of the fabric. Boy, did that make a difference! All I have to do is the neck, arm and hem finishes and then it’ll be ready for a debut.

However, I still have a problem. So far, this version is not looking great. It’s all because of the arms. I like the style, but on other people. I used the 4 as I did with my first try, so the fit isn’t the problem. The sleeves overwhelm my frame. Now, some of you might not believe it, but I am a 4-6 and a size 28 jean in RTW. However, I am also short and stocky. Not overweight, just solid. If I wear sleeves, they have to be pretty closely cut to my body for me to like them. This is why I usually go for the sleeveless option, it’s just more flattering on me. I’ll finish this up tomorrow, I would LOVE to have some feedback on this. Who knows, maybe when I wash the starch out, it’ll be more flattering. We’ll see I guess.

P.S. No sugar this week, dinner cooked 4 times! Way to stick to your guns, Lara!


2 thoughts on “This week in review, plus the Taffy blouse revisited.

  1. NIce work. What did you use to starch your fabric? I'm like you – more stocky than short, and I have the same thing about sleeves being close to my torso, rather than flapping all over the place. I like the neckline, perhaps this top could be balanced out by what you wear on the bottom half perhaps?


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