Taffy 2.0: Finally done right!


This week is going to be the real test of my goals sticking or not. I was back to work today, and the first thing I see as I enter the staff room? Chocolate. And not crappy stuff either, this was Purdy’s goodness. Sigh… I didn’t give in, I at my oatmeal instead like a good, sugar shunning Catholic girl. I then go to my mail box, and what’s in there? More chocolate! This time, Lindt, also very good stuff. I left it there, for now. Your days are numbered Lindt balls, I thought to myself. Feeling strong, I thought that my classroom would surely be free of any chocolaty temptation, after all, I brought everything home with me. I open the door to my room, and there it is. A large Cadbury chocolate gift basket. Seriously, talk about testing my fortitude! I didn’t give in.

The day went by quickly, and was overall a great day back. Coming home though, I was hankering for some sort of sugary snack, anything I could get my hands on. So I went for a nap instead. I woke up feeling more refreshed and with the sugar cravings (more or less) gone for the day. How is this harder? I thought it was supposed to easier as the time passed? Maybe I really AM addicted to chocolate? :s

No matter, I have bigger things to be proud of than resisting a bit of sugar, like the completion of the Taffy blouse. This time, it’s done right. Take a look:

Sorry about the half closed eyes in the last picture, it was the best one I had from the side view, and Shane refused to take any more pictures for me!

Last time I blogged, I talked about how I was unsure of the style, how it might overwhelm my frame. Well, I think I’ve had a bit of a change of heart. I really like the way it looks, even if it’s not necessarily my style. The question I had to ask myself is, what is my style exactly? I used to be quite the fashionista in university, proclaiming loudly to my friends ‘People who wear sweat pants let themselves go!’ when asked why I always dressed up in nice clothes and high heels. Well, I don’t necessarily wear sweat pants, but I have gotten far to comfortable in my yoga pants and running shorts over the years. It really started with a lack of clothing to suit my body, and just morphed into laziness and over comfort. I don’t think I’ll every be a dress pant wearer (my designer jeans cost WAY more than my mandatory teacher pants), but I love dresses and nice shoes. Maybe this is the turning point for me, maybe I’ll be a blouse wearer from now on! All I can say about that is I felt really good wearing this blouse at work, and I am now itching to make more tops.

Another thing I like about this shirt is that it can go with almost anything. I was messing around with the camera yesterday, and took some pictures with my Meringue skirt.

I’m really not grumpy, just focused! 

I think it’s cute!

Ok, enough procrastinating Lara, go do your P90X2 workout, then cook dinner.



7 thoughts on “Taffy 2.0: Finally done right!

  1. hahaha that is so funny, chocolates everywhere! It's so good that you didn't give into temptation! The blouse looks so lovely on you, I really want to get the Colette book but been feeling guilty because I've been collecting dress books and not making anything with it.


  2. Haha, thanks everyone!

    I can't recommend this book enough, the patterns are great.

    Rachelle, there is a huge online community of sewists who use vintage patterns, I think you should do it 🙂


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