Another Pendrell fail.


I don’t think this pattern likes me, at all. I tried it again this weekend without doing a full bust modification and really paid attention to the seam allowances, unlike last time. So my first attempt ended up being too tight because I made my seams too big, this time I had the reverse problem. It looks like a sack. See for yourself with some very blurry iPhone photos:

Ey yi yi! Look at that sack like piece of shit! Unflattering or what? I tried sleeve version 2 this time, and it looks brutal on me. Should I ever decide to tackle this pattern again, I’ll be sticking with option 1.

This isn’t the worst of it. I can handle the fact that it’s not a super flattering style for my body type. No, the worst part was working with this material. It’s a horrible, cheap polyester that was on sale at fabricland. I figured it would be good to practice with, but it’s not even worthy of that. Just look at my hem lines.

How could it have possibly bunched up this much??? I don’t get where the extra material came from! Hemming this blouse made me scream and swear in frustration at my machine, but really, I was cursing the cheap shit poly chiffon. Damn you, fabric! Why couldn’t you have worked as nicely for me as the black stuff did when making the Taffy blouse?

Who knows, maybe I’m just a crappy sewist. Nothing seems to be going very well for me lately, I really didn’t need this failure right now.

Sigh… I’m too bummed to think about my next project right now. I think it’s time for an early night.


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