A very picture-y update for you, including my latest project.


Ugh. You know what is worse than being sick? Being sick when you have report cards due this Wednesday. I think there is a bug going around my school, it seemed like quite a few staff and students are down for the count right now, and I am joining those ranks tomorrow. Hopefully the nausea will subside long enough to get some work done. I think I’ll be OK, as long as I don’t eat or drink anything… Yuck!

At least it didn’t start until yesterday. Although inconvenient right now, it didn’t interfere with mine and Shane’s long awaited date night on Friday. We went to a burger bar called ‘Local’, not too far from our place.

Despite Shane’s grumpy look, we had a great time. I’m not sure that Shane was all that impresses with his fish and chips (He is from England after all), but my fish taco’s were awesome! I’d never had fish taco’s before, so now that I have, it’s something I’m going to have to recreate at home. The first bite actually reminded me of when we were in Mexico last October! Weird, eh? To top off the meal, I had a maple beer. How very Canadian of me.

After the meal, we decided that there was nothing worth watching at the theater, so we went home with the intention of watching something else, but ended up playing with my iPhone camera and (me) getting my ass kicked at various word games. It was a good night.

The next night I went to my brothers house because his girlfriend, Jessica, offered to help me mark tests once. I texted her earlier in the week to ask if she would help me, and she said yes. She was excited about it because she some kind of crazy person or something (Kidding Jess! Love you!). I’m not sure she’ll help me again though, and I know my brother won’t be queuing up to help me any time soon. I find it hilarious when people actually realize the amount of time it takes to mark test as a teacher. With the 3 of us working together, one math test for 2 classes (about 58 copies) took us 4 episodes of the Kardashians and half an episode of some real housewives spin off. When I taught Language Arts and Social Studies, the marking took 3 times as long as it does for math! I miss those subjects sometimes, but I do not miss the hours upon hours of grading.

Little C was with his dad, so I didn’t get to see him 😦 Never fear though, I have a picture from earlier in the week!

I don’t think we’re goofy enough here, lets try that again, Little C.

Ahh, that’s better!

Sunday, when I should have been marking, I decided to sew. Probably not the wisest of ideas, but I only have 3 classes out of 10 to finish grading, so I figured I could take a break.

In an effort to continue adding everyday items of clothing to my closet via sewing, I tackled the Sewaholic Renfrew top.

I tackled this one using my serger for almost the whole thing! I used modal knit, which feels wonderful against the skin, but is a bit of a pain in the butt to sew with because it stretches a lot.

I may look rather unimpressed in the above picture, but keep in mind, I am not feeling well at all right now. I wore this outfit to work, and no one said anything about the shirt. That’s awesome!

Why do I think it’s so awesome? Because (I think) it means that this looks like an honest to God, off the rack clothing item. Inside and out.

Using the serger was pretty intimidating, but I’m glad I did it. One thing that I couldn’t figure out though, was how to get the seams to line up while serging. Is there a trick, or do I have to baste it together first, then serge?

The neckline has the seam allowances zig zagged down, and I though that it looked cool, so I did it for the waist and arm cuffs as well. It gives the shirt an even more casual look, but that is sort of the point. My goal is to make things that I can wear everyday, and this shirt fits the bill.

I cut a straight size 6 with no adjustments, and I think it might be a tad big. I’m not sure if it’s because it is actually too big, or if it’s because I used modal, which is notorious for stretching. I want to try it in a cotton or bamboo knit to see if it make a difference before I make adjustments to the pattern.

If I had to give a piece of advice on the construction, I would say don’t serge the sleeves to the shoulders. That’s what I had done originally, but I found it bulky, so I sewed a regular seam and cut the serging off. It fit much better after that.

Phew. OK, time to try and get some sleep. I may be sick, but I still have work to do tomorrow.

Oh, where are the P90X updates you ask? Yeah… still struggling to get going more than 3 days a week. Suggestions? Advice? All greatly appreciated!


6 thoughts on “A very picture-y update for you, including my latest project.

  1. How fun are date nights? I always look forward to them. And might I say you have such a pretty smile! Nice work on a top you're pleased with – i was quite impressed with the Renfrew too. When working with knits I always baste with the largest stitch, then overlock (serge, whatever). The overlocker foot generally has some kind of marking on it that you can align your basting stitches with so it all gets swallowed up and becomes unseen 🙂


  2. Fish tacos!!! One of my favorite things ever! Want a good recipe? Google “David Tanis fish tacos.” So good, and one of the first things K and I ever made together.

    P.S. Your shirt looks good, make me one! 😉


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