My summer shenanigans


I have been wanting to come back and blog FOREVER, but my summer break just didn’t seem to want to let me do it. Such a shame too, lots has been going on.

This is without a doubt, one of the busiest summers I’ve had. Really, it’s been so busy that I don’t actually feel like I got a summer break from work! I have been busy with two things: Weddings, and promoting the Body By Vi Challenge. Noticeably absent is sewing. I have done virtually no sewing this summer 😦

I know I had already spoken a bit about the wellness challenge that I have been participating in, and now that it has nearly drawn to it’s conclusion, I can reflect on the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good: I feel and look better than I have in a long while. I reached one goal very early on, to lose 5% body fat, which was very exciting, and I am nearly there as far as my second goal, running a 10K. I was originally supposed to run it on August 18th, but the timing was just terrible, mainly because the organizers took it upon themselves to change it to the 19th, the day of my brothers wedding.

The bad: I ran a 5K race instead on the 12th of August. It was a very informal and small race, so I don’t have an exact time.

The ugly: I finished it in around 33-36 minutes. Normally, I would have been hugely disappointed with that time, but due to unforeseen circumstances *cough* hangover and rock hard calves from dancing the night away in inappropriately high heels *cough*, I had to walk for about 10 minutes. Had I not walked, I could have finished it in under 28 minutes for sure. Had I not been a hungover fool, I could have finished in 25. Oh well, I am surprisingly zen about the whole situation. I have to start focusing a lot more on my 10K training, as time is running out! Overall, the Body By Vi challenge has been a huge success and I am very glad that I participated.


Gah! It’s happened again! I’ve just been away for three hours. I start to blog, then duty calls. I hope I can actually finish this blog entry today!

Shane and I did manage to get away this summer for our fifth wedding anniversary, we went to Vegas! It was a pretty sweet trip, as neither of us had ever been. The first day there we just walked around and took in the sights. Oh, and we went shopping at the outlet mall. This was probably the LEAST enjoyable part of this trip, as Shane is just a big grump when it comes to shopping. In the end I managed to walk away with a sweet new Coach bag and wallet. The next day we went to the Grand Canyon, and this is where our trip was the most exciting.

On our way to the canyon, we stopped at the Hoover dam to snap some pics. It was pretty cool, as I had never seen a dam before, but it was an awful lot smaller than I had imagined it to be.

I’m pretty sure I saw this in a movie. Some sort of dystopian story.

After this, it was on to the Grand Canyon. Hours and hours of driving….. Ugh! In the end, this is what we saw:

There is no doubt about it, the Grand Canyon is breath taking. It’s too bad that any pictures we took did not even come close to showing its true majesty.

It is a place that needs to be seen in person, that’s for sure!

Our last day was spent exploring the strip, so here are a few snaps.

At the MGM Grand
Our hotel, New York New York

Where we want to stay next time!

All in all, it was a great time, and I’m so glad Shane and I went together. It was a great way to celebrate five years of being married, and I’m sure we’ll be back someday soon!

It’s a good thing that we went earlier in the summer, because after that, it was nothing but wedding stuff! My friends Linda and Trevor got married on August 11 (hence me poor performance at the 5K), and my little brother got married the following weekend on the 19th. Here are some pictures of the events:

I must say, I do like this picture!

No me made dress for this wedding. I had been working on one up to the night before using couture techniques, but I fucked it up at the last minute. The good news is that I can fix it. It’ll likely be a Christmas dress now.

Waiting for the big event!
The happy couple celebrating an event 13 years in the making!!!
Trevor’s totally awesome groom cake!

Me and one of my dearest friends, Bianca

We are one good looking couple! 😉

The only thing that was bad about the whole thing was that I couldn’t try the cake because of my primal eating!

With everything being so hectic leading up to my brothers wedding, I sort of let my primal eating regime go to the wayside, and man oh man, did I pay dearly for it. I felt pretty astoundingly shitty for a week, all from eating regular ol’ SAD (standard american diet) foods. Things are back to normal now, and I feel so much better.

Besides feeling like a bag of shit from eating lots of bread and other wheat products, my brothers wedding was really nice. When the official pictures come out, I’ll post them, but here are the few that are available right now:

The best part? Little C is my nephew now!!!

Clearly a good time had by all!

I am so glad that my brother has found someone that makes him happy!

So, that is pretty much what happened in my summer. What is up next? Well, I’m already back at work (school started for me on August 13th, my 30th birthday! SOB!!!), so once things get a bit more settled there, I hope to spend more time with my creative self, and continue to pursue my healthy lifestyle, and become reacquainted with my trusty old blog; sharing all of my creative endeavors food and sewing related. Oh yes, and organize the sewing room. There’s a story behind that, but that will be told another day.


2 thoughts on “My summer shenanigans

  1. Aww, thanks so much for the kind words 🙂 It's great to be back, hopefully life won't keep me so busy in the coming months, being away from my sewing AND blogging was a little sad! I'm glad to be back, that's for sure!


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