An Ode to Mrs. Klein.


It had been a while since I have posted, and I am busy as always. As much as things change, they also remain the same. Work is work, I keep fretting about the state of my body (promising myself to take things more seriously this week), and the kitties are still cute as ever. I also have a few sewing projects that are long overdue to be presented on my blog, but tonight I wanted to share my latest one, as I am going to wear it tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the funeral of one of the English teachers at my (former) high school, Mrs. Chris Klein. She wasn’t my teacher, she taught my twin instead. She naturally knew who I was though, and was always kind to me, which was nice. Beyond that, she was spunky as hell, and a legend at MAC high. She had this way of getting students really interested in English, and I know many of us wanted to be in her class.

I would be lying if I said that she was the most influential teacher I ever (or never) had. It did make me profoundly sad when I heard that she had passed away though. She was only my mothers age, far too young to die. A call was put out to all music teachers to participate in the liturgy for her funeral, and so I volunteered without question. Tomorrow I will be singing in the choir, something I am not entirely comfortable with (I am much happier hiding behind a euphonium when performing), but I will be there regardless in my new dress, Vogue 1151.

I am proud of this dress for many reasons. This pattern is helping me get over my fear of using patterns from the ‘big four’ companies, and dealing with the fact that I may have to alter my patterns to fit me. And that’s ok! For this one, I cut a size 12, but ended up taking so much out of the chest and back area that it’s probably closer to an 8 or 10. In the skirt, I added about an inch to the sides, so it is closer to a size 14. I also added 2 inches to the length, as my muslin was scandalously short. I can still see some areas that could have been adjusted a bit better (either a sway back adjustment or shorten the bodice), but I am happy with the result so far. I did a machine blind hem for the first time, and I added a bright orange zipper, something I know Mrs. Klein would have appreciated. She was the first person I knew to buy designer jeans from Holt Renfrew, and I think that’s pretty awesome 🙂

Mrs. Klein was someone who wasn’t afraid to try new things, and so I dedicate this dress to her. I hope she is at peace now.


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