Bridesmaids dresses


One of my closest friends is getting married and I am one of the bridesmaids. Excitingly, me and my fellow bridesmaids were given free reign with our dress choice, as long as we had the same fabric. I must admit, I was (and still am) super excited about this! Imagine, a bridesmaids dress that I can control the look of! I’m sure every sewist who has been a bridesmaid at some point has dreamt of having free reign over their dress! Shortly after I was asked to be a bridesmaid, I found out I was pregnant… And put the dress off for as long as I could.

Fast forward 13 months, and the wedding is in just a few short weeks. I still have no dress. I knew that I would be waiting until the last possible second in the hope that my post pregnancy body would resemble my pre pregnancy body, and at five months post partum, things are probably as good as they’re going to get before the wedding. I haven’t been able to exercise very much since the boy was born because of the damage he did coming out (it was lots… ‘fourth degree’ lots…) so I have been limited to walking and focusing on my diet. The other thing that has been stopping me from working on the dress is….. well, the boy. He’s lovely, but he is a baby, and babies are needy creatures. I’ve come up with a bit of a solution to my need to work with the baby around, baby wearing.


Messy sewing space. Don’t care!


It’s not the greatest if he’s fussy, but he actually allowed me to get some work done today and was so comfortable that he fell asleep! I managed to finish a muslin for Simplicity 2178 and will hopefully be able to show off a finished product soon.

But, but, but…. the title says dresses? Where is the other one?

The other dress is for my lovely friend Gina! For her, I made Vogue V9053 in view A


This dress kind of drove me nuts. The pattern itself was exceptionally easy to follow, and although there were fitting issues that needed to be addressed (Gina is like me, short waisted, sway backed, and generally awesome), they were easily taken care of with a few muslins. The fabric however… well that fabric can go to hell!

It is a poly stretch charmeuse, slippery, drapey, and difficult to press. I dealt with the slipperiness and drapeyness by starching the fabric as it was pressed, and then cutting the pieces in one layer as opposed to on the fold. I was careful not to manipulate the fabric too much, and although it was stressful, it all went well. Then I had to hem the bugger….


Ugh, that hem! The fact that it is a circle skirt with a fussy fabric made it hellish to complete! I tried using my rolled hem foot, and it went so badly that I was convinced I had wrecked the skirt and would have to cut a new one. There was not enough fabric left, so I was very distraught. After having a good cry (seriously), I worked very slowly to unpick and re-sew the hem. Miraculously, it worked.


This dress nearly gave me an ulcer, but I am proud of it. I hand picked the zip and the lining to the zipper. It has been a long time since I have done any hand sewing, so I am relieved that it looks as good as it does.

Overall, it was a really good experience trying to fit to someone who is not me. It also made me realize that I need to be braver with my sewing and start experimenting with different fabrics and techniques. And that I’m not even close to wanting to be a sewist for a living!

Hopefully my next post will contain my dress. Until then, my friends!


4 thoughts on “Bridesmaids dresses

  1. PinhouseP

    Well done finishing that poly dress! It looks great. I once made a pleated dress in some kind of poly fabric that wouldn’t press. I nearly lost my mind! But then it feels extra triumphant to get the bugger finished 🙂


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