An Ode to Mexico


Oh Mexico, you are bitchin’

You’re such an awesome place.

I am seriously, strenuously wishin’

To be pouring Mojitos into my face.

Yes, we are back from Mexico, and frankly a little sad about it. It was an amazing trip, made all the more amazing by the friends we travelled with, the new friendships we made along the way, and of course, the wedding of our lovely friends, Phil and Bianca!

One thing that made this trip extra special/strange was the fact that we had no baby with us! Shane and I decided to leave the baby at home with my Mom (who totally volunteered to do it the very second we found out we were expecting), so we got to experience what it was like one last time to be childless. On one hand, I must admit that it was nice to stay up late again and party like I used to (So much gin and soda, I sure gave my liver a punching!). On the other hand, we both really missed the baby. Like, a lot. Our other friends with babies must have thought we were weird after a while because we spent more time at the kiddie pool with them than what would be considered reasonable WITHOUT having a child there. Fortunately, they didn’t seem too weirded out, and a good time was had by all. And I’m pretty sure baby boy didn’t miss us at all after day 1. Seriously.

I just wanted to share a few ‘action shots’ of the bridesmaids dresses I made. Before I do that though, lets talk about my hair. This is what I asked for:


This is what I got:


Ugh…. seriously, I paid a lot of money for hideous hair. Disappointingly, but not surprisingly, it fell out early in the festivities, so I took it out and it actually looked a bit better!

Or maybe it was the mojitos that made it look better...

Or maybe it was the mojitos that made it look better…

I digress… Here are some action shots.



Shane’s shirt – the Colette Negroni, made by me!


Looking at the dress, it doesn’t seem too bad, but there are a few fitting issues for sure. I’d say the biggest one is the need for an FBA. I thought I’d gotten away with it, but in retrospect, I don’t think I did. I asked my friend Christina, who was also the amazing wedding photographer if she would take a picture of Gina and me for the blog to get a full length view of the dresses, and she happily obliged.


The dresses look pretty rumpled as this was several hours into the celebrations, but I think it gives a pretty good idea as to how the dresses looked on the day.

The major disadvantage to the dresses was the fabric. Polyester + 30 degrees centigrade = sweaty mess. After a while I couldn’t take it, so I changed into a simple tank borrowed from my mom and a skirt that I’d made.

Getting my drunk on.

Getting my drunk on.

In the end, it was a really fun night and a great trip. There has been some talk about doing something like this again in a few years, so to all my friends reading this, I’m so, so there!


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