Whole 30 – 10 days in


Howdy peeps! How’s it going?

I wish I had more to talk about today, but alas, there has been a considerable lack of sewing in my life over the past week or so. I did manage to start working on a little handbag, but it is not finished, nor is it going how I had originally envisioned, so it’s back to the drawing board with that one. I’m not feeling too sad about it, there have been positives with it (like the sweet zipper pocket), but if I’m being honest, I really screwed up the sizing. It looks like a lunch bag.

Instead, I’ll update my Whole 30 challenge so far. I haven’t died, so that’s something, right? I’m kidding, but only sort of. 10 days in and I am feeling far more of the physical side effects than I did with my first one. I am mainly just very tired. Like, utterly exhausted. It could be a few things, like the challenge, or the fact that we are trying to sleep train the baby (although, he is doing pretty well so far), or the fact that I am a bit stressed about the thought of going back to work…. I still technically have 6 months left of my leave, but I have been asked to go back early if I can and I’m having trouble making a decision. I’ll have to figure the answer to that one soon…

Anyhow, besides the fatigue, I think I am doing really well. Everything I’ve eaten has fit into the parameters of the program, and although I’m tired I haven’t had the urge to cheat yet.

Best recipes of the week:

1. Stewed Cod, a recipe from my sisters blog. It was simple, yet utterly delicious.

2. Mulligatawny Stew, something I discovered from my last Whole 30. Go make this stew, it’s soup nazi good!

Cooking fails:

Just one, thank goodness. My Whole 30 has coincided with the start of solid foods for the baby, and so I decided that he should eat what we eat most of the time. At the last minute, I decided to steam some broccoli instead of roasting it like I usually do. A culinary mistake, it was AWFUL! Bland, mushy, and really disgusting. Never again. Why steam when you can roast???

That’s it for now. Not my most verbose entry, but at least now you all know that I’m sticking to my plan!


3 thoughts on “Whole 30 – 10 days in

  1. Congrats on sticking with it!! I’m guessing that if you’re coming off a higher amount of carbs, that is probably why you’re tired… technically I eat “low carb” (at least compared to a Standard North American diet) but when I go grain free for a couple days, I REALLY feel depleted. If you are exercising on top of that, it will exacerbate the problem – maybe more sweet potatoes are in order 😉

    That mulligatawny stew sounds delicious! I am a HUGE fan of turmeric in absolutely everything so I can get on board with this one for sure ^_^ And definitely roasting broccoli over steaming it, although steaming is ok if you don’t overdo it (which is tricky) and even then, it needs butter for sure 😛


  2. I am TOTALLY going low carb compared to what I was eating before, especially when you factor in the Mexico trip! I know it isn’t really low carb, but when compared to the standard american diet, it must look positively Atkins to most people. I’m doing my best not to overdo the nuts, but I am not placing any restrictions on the amount of fruit or sweet potatoes I’m eating right now, which is totally allowed anyway as I’m breastfeeding.

    I suck at steaming veggies, I almost always overdo it. I guess I’ll just stick to roasting for now 🙂


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