Whole 30 – 21 days down!



Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday! Now that the boy has gone down for a nap, I have a chance to update my blog. Today I have a bit more to write about, as it’s been a rather exciting week! The biggest news is that my province has a new government! If you can’t understand why this would be exciting (unless you are a nerd like me and enjoy politics, that is), it’s because this is the first change in our provincial government inΒ 44 years!!!!!Β Can you believe that? The outgoing government had become so corrupt and out of touch that Albertans FINALLY decided that they’d had enough and voted for a much more progressive government. I am seriously over the moon about this. For the first time in my life I feel like my voice has been heard and my vote has counted. Friends, this is an amazing feeling!


We brought the baby to the NDP victory rally on election day, not knowing that the outcome was going to be as good as it was. I feel so privileged to have been apart of this special time in history. Even more amazing, my lovely friend Christy is the new NDP MLA for Edmonton Millwoods! She is an awesome lady, let me tell you, and she will be such a great representative in the Legislative Assembly. And throughout all this, I stayed Whole 30 compliant. For a moment, I thought I might have a celebratory glass of wine (this was a very historic and joyous moment after all), but I decided to hold out.

In other less historically significant but still exciting news, I got a haircut.


I am a hairdressers dream client, I’ll periodically walk into a salon and tell them to chop all my hair off. Hairdressers, in my experience, get absolutely giddy at the thought of giving someone a chic short haircut when the have long hair. It’s sort of hilarious.

I looooooooooove my new hair, so so much. It was just getting too long, and now that the baby has more control of his extremities, it was getting pulled all day, every day. It seems to have gone down quite well with other people, I’ve gotten many, many compliments. That said, does anyone really go up to people with freshly cut hair and say, ‘Dude, that looks like shit, wear a bag over your head from now on!’ Only a douche bag would do that, and my friends are lovely and not douche bags πŸ™‚

I finally got a bag sewn up! It’s a pretty standard little tote bag made with some Ikea canvas (I am a big fan of their home decor fabric) and quilting cotton for the lining. It turned out a bit smaller than I wanted and it’s not entirely what I had envisioned, but it’s actually an ok little tote. When I come up with a bag pattern I am happy with, I will include more detailed pictures than the two I’m posting today.


And finally, my Whole 30 update. I’m in the final stretch now, and I’ve got to say, it’s going pretty well! There are a few differences between this one and the Whole 30 that I completed in January, but I think I will save my insights for my next post. My eating patterns have been 100% compliant, and I have been walking loads. I haven’t been exercising as much as I said I would be, so I’ll need to start picking up the slack in that respect ASAP.

Best Recipes:

1. Butter ChickenΒ – Oh man, is this stuff ever delicious! Even the baby loves it.

2. Scotch Eggs – The PERFECT on the go food. Baby is not a fan though…. yet…

3. Sweet Potato Hash – I made this for Mother’s Day brunch today and I don’t think I’d ever received more compliments on a dish I’ve made ever before. Delicious!

All the Mama's at Brunch today.

All the Mama’s at Brunch today.

4. Maple Sausage Patties – This is from the Nom Nom Paleo cookbook (so is the recipe above) and it was stupid easy to make. I subbed apple for maple syrup and the end result was delicious. Nom Nom Paleo basically rocks my world. There hasn’t been a single thing I’ve made from her blog or cookbook that hasn’t been amazing.

Cooking fails:


Overall, I’m feeling better on the Whole 30 and I’m thinking of going beyond the 30 days at this point. I am starting to have a few ‘non scale victories’ like fitting into clothes that I haven’t fit into in ages, and more energy. You know, boring stuff like that. I’m curious as to what the numbers will be at the end 30 days, fortunately I won’t have to wait too much longer.

See you in 10 days!


6 thoughts on “Whole 30 – 21 days down!

  1. Ach! Love the new short hair! I had to giggle a bit, as I do the same thing, and yeah, stylists get pretty stoked about someone with an open mind ^_^

    Not sure i knew that you were in Alberta – I’m in BC! How cool! πŸ™‚

    Totally gonna check out that Nom Nom Paleo book – if only for the adorable name and of course your recommendation; I don’t always eat Paleo but my go-to cookbook is Make it Paleo; every recipe is so good, and if you add a little cheese to the zucchini lasagne, I swear it’s even better than regular lasagne ^_^


    • I have that book too! It is sooooo good! Have you tried the chocolate cake recipe in there? I made it a few years ago for my birthday (no one ever makes me a birthday cake, boooo!), and it was so, so, so good.
      So cool that you are in B.C! We’re practically neighbours! … Well, provincially anyway πŸ™‚


      • I haven’t tried the chocolate cake but literally every single recipe I’ve tried in that book has been delicious, so I’m not surprised that it’s good! I love the photography as well; that always pleases me ^_^

        Provincial neighbours – yes! You should come visit sometime – we are getting some really nice fabric shops here now πŸ˜‰


      • That sounds awesome! Especially the fabric shop part, Edmonton has become a crafting wasteland in the last few years. Too many big trucks, not enough crafts.


    • Thank you! I am loving the short hair, I really like the lightness of it. As for the Whole 30, I hear you, it can be really tough some days. There is a new book out that is kind of a step by step guide that you might find helpful if you ever wanted to try it again. Or not, because cheese is delicious. I miss cheese.


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