Whole 30 – The Round Up


I did it.

I made it through the Whole 30 – 30 days of nothing but whole foods. I have been really racking my brain on how to write this entry. I have lots to say about it and yet, I’m sure much of it has been said by other people, and probably in a more elegant fashion. In this case, I will give you a Coles notes version, and then if you want to know more, read on.

In my case, the Whole 30 was successful. I feel better, I lost a bit of weight.

Is that enough information for you? If not, here’s the rest:

One of the biggest elements of the Whole 30 program is the idea of wellness. It is meant for people to learn what foods make them feel good and not so good. I’ve had tummy troubles for much longer than I care to remember, and for a while I genuinely though I was gluten intolerant. I’m not sure that is the case any more, but I do know that grains in general don’t agree with my stomach and can cause me endless grief with my IBS. So, celiac I ain’t, but that doesn’t mean that grains are good for me. Some people might wonder why I’d sign up for something as restrictive as the Whole 30 already knowing that grains don’t agree with me, and the answer to that is that I really wanted to find out what other foods might make me feel lousy too. I don’t really care about bread too much, but I must admit, I love pastries, and if I could have one every once in a while with no repercussions, I’d be really happy. I suppose the trade off is that I might find that my beloved cheese is no good for me, but I am of the mindset that it’s better to know than to go through my life feeling miserable.

Seeing as it’s day 31, I haven’t had the chance to reintroduce any foods yet to my diet. Honestly, I don’t think I’m ready to yet. I can see this being easily extended to a Whole 45 or Whole 60 right now. I think this is a step in the right direction, perhaps what those in the program would call a ‘Non Scale Victory’.

So what is a Non Scale Victory? These are the little things that have gone right (so to speak) while doing the Whole 30 that have nothing to do with the number on the scale at the end. I’ve had quite a few, such as:

1. Clearer skin. Breakouts? Forget about it!

2. IBS symptoms have virtually disappeared.

3. Clothing that hasn’t fit for years (and not due to pregnancy either) are fitting me again, and fitting well.

4. I am sleeping quite soundly, especially for someone with a baby.

5. I feel good in general.

There are so many things I really like about the Whole 30 as a concept, but I think the biggest one is that it is about overall health, not just weight loss. Also (and this is probably more important), it is for everyone. If you buy your own groceries, you can do this. There are no special ‘whole30’ pre packaged meals that you are expected to buy, there’s no gimmicks, nothing. There are some books you can buy if you feel so inclined, but you honestly don’t have to. The information is all available (for free!) on the Whole 30 website.

I had some before and after pictures to show the physical evidence of my transformation, but unfortunately my before pics got corrupted on my computer somehow and will not open. Boo urns! Instead, I’ll include the pictures I took at the start of my first Whole 30 in January 2015, and then my current after pictures. I’ll just point out that in my January pictures, I have lost all the baby weight and then some at this point. What can I say, it’s the best I can do. Is it editorializing? You bet! Guess who has two thumbs and doesn’t give a shit?

This gal right here:


On to the pics…


January 1-2


IMG_1272 IMG_1277

The difference between the top and bottom pictures is about 15 lbs and numerous inches. So, you know, yay me!

If you want actual, exact stats, I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint you. This has been about my health, not my size and sharing those numbers seems pointless now. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to have shed that weight because it was making me feel lousy. But the whole idea behind this was to be a healthier individual, not necessarily a slimmer one. I mean, I look not only healthier, but happier. THAT is the whole point.

The absolute best part about being done is that I can finally get some sewing done! Hurray!!! 🙂


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