Knitting for my little bug


Well, it’s officially summer break. Well, it would be if I wasn’t already on maternity leave. That said, my home town just feels different come July, much more lively and active. The weather is gorgeous (and hot!), there are lots of festivals going on, and it’s the best time of year to hang out outside. So naturally it’s sweater knitting season, right?

As much as I’d love to have a sewing project to show off, I don’t. I’m sure I am not the only one, but at 8 months old, I’m finding that as the boy gets older he is harder to wrangle. He’s not enjoying the baby wearing as much as he used to (probably because it’s just too hot right now), so unless I can get some child care, sewing isn’t happening. I seem to be able to knit much easier these days, it’s just much easier to stop and start as needed than sewing is. I’ve been hard at work knitting a baby gift for my friends Gina and Neil, who are having a baby in October. No pictures yet though, I don’t want to totally ruin the surprise for them. I have managed to finish something I can show you today, my very first sweater!


This is going to be pure baby spam from here on out. You’ve been warned 😉

This is the Flax sweater from Tin Can Knits, and it is the most adorable, simple sweater anyone could ask for. It is perfect for beginners, as it walks you through every possible step, including an on line knit tutorial.


It is a simple top down raglan sweater in sizes 0-3 month to XXL adult man. You had better believe that the whole family is going to get one of these bad boys! I’ve already purchased the yarn for mine and Shane’s version!


The sweater took no time at all, and probably would have been done shortly after I had started it, but the arms stumped me a bit, so I decided to wait for my sister to show me how to pick up the stitches correctly. It was super easy, and I probably could have done it myself, but it was really good to see how it was done in person.


Pants are for suckers.

I knit a size 1-2 years for the bub, and I’m not convinced he will get that much wear out of it. The fit seems pretty good right now, but he’s just going to keep getting bigger. It’s waaaaaay to warm for him to wear right now (well, by Canadian standards it is), so I’m really hoping that we’ll get one or two wears out of it in the fall. I am also totally OK with knitting him a new one. I’m pretty sure it’ll go faster than the first one.


I am so proud of myself for finishing this project, and having it actually look good. I am a bit ashamed to say that I haven’t really made the boy anything except for a baby blanket, so I’m betting that this will be the first of many, many knitting projects to come.

Who knows, maybe next entry will actually contain some sewing? 🙂


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